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About Franklin Park Coalition

The Franklin Park Coalition is a membership organization serving as a community voice for Franklin Park. We inspire others to care for, explore and enjoy a 527-­acre historic greenspace located right in the geographic heart of Boston. Our motto is many diverse neighborhoods, one park community. Join our cause and become a member today! To carry out our mission we: ~ We work for better park management, public transit options to the park, entrance beautification, bicycle access, restoration of historic features, and more. ~ Advocate with public officials to make sure that Franklin Park is not neglected. ~ Produce the Elma Lewis Playhouse in the Park free summer concert series. ~ Hire neighborhood youth for summer jobs restoring the woodlands and promoting the park. ~ Sponsor the annual spring Kite & Bike Festival and other seasonal festivals. ~ Recruit nearly 800 volunteers annually to restore the park’s 220-acre forest. ~ Promote Franklin Park Moves for Health to encourage fitness and exercise in the park. ~ Lead park walks, history tours, and nature programs to encourage city dwellers to discover the park’s treasures. ~ Work with public safety agencies to help people feel safe in the park.

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2010 Columbus Ave, Roxbury, MA 02119
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