Passing the Hat for Buskers Advocates

by Stephen Baird
Donations go directly to Community Arts Advocates, Inc.
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Passing the Hat for Buskers Advocates

by Stephen Baird

Help keep the streets alive with creative spirits!

Help keep the streets alive with creative spirits!

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Street Arts and Buskers Advocates has been fighting for the rights of buskers since 1972 when the Boston Police arrested audience members of busker Stephen Baird... We have been supporting legal challenges, petition drives, and street artists all across the country from Boston to Seattle, New York City to Saint Louis, and Chicago to New Orleans...

"Freedom is a Constant Struggle" and the work and advocacy is an ongoing labor of love... New repressive laws, arrests and harassment continue... The funds will be used to keep the web site and FaceBook pages as active up to date information centers with new court cases, litigation reports, and petitions supporting street artists and buskers...

As stated in the first line... this is not just about street artists and buskers ability to express their artistic visions, but also the public's right to peacefully assemble and share in the creative process...

From Ben Franklin to Tracy Chapman, Louis Armstrong to the Irving Berlin, the streets of this country have been the avenues of self expression for emerging artists and musicians. Entire art forms such as tap dancing to break dancing, jazz to blues, rock n' roll to rap singing have risen from the fusion of diverse artists who have performed on the streets of New York City, Boston, Chicago and New Orleans. The history of popular culture has direct roots in the history of street performances. Today the streets are still a dynamic stew of sounds and rhythms from around the world.

Your donation to Street Arts and Buskers Advocates is vital to continue our work of keeping the streets of the United States open for the next generation of artists and public to explore the human condition through music, dance, theater, clowning, juggling, visual art, spoken word and poetry...

Toward these endeavors we "Pass the Hat" for your support!

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Donations will go to Community Arts Advocates, Inc.


What a great cause! Let's keep music on Boston!

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