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Lend A Hand To 3D Print A Hand

by Sarah Boisvert
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Lend A Hand To 3D Print A Hand

by Sarah Boisvert

Helping FabLab Hub 3D print hands for children

Helping FabLab Hub 3D print hands for children

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What happens when you mix 3D Printing with Crowdsourcing to help people who need prosthetic hands? You change people's lives in more ways than one!

Over 5,000 volunteers around the world have 3D Printed and assembled 1,500 e-Nable hand designs giving them away at no cost to the recipient. Fab Lab Hub wants to help current volunteers in the Boston area with 3D Printers get more material and assembly kits and also purchase additional 3D Printers to expand our volunteers. A team in the Boston area, especially students from Cambridge colleges, would work on creating a new e-Nable node at the non-profit Fab Lab Hub space at Fab Lab Roxbury in the Roxbury Innovation Center [].

Not only do the hands and arms serve a utilitarian purpose of gaining the use of a lost limb, there are many more benefits for the recipients. Now instead of having an ugly prosthesis, there are beautiful hot pink hands as well as Super Hero hands like the one Robert Downey, Jr. presented to a young boy in Florida. Our hands can make a kid feel cool, rather than physically challenged.

The e-Nable project has also expanded the application of 3D Printing for the greater good of mankind. There are now
• people around the Globe who are 3d printing fingers and hands for children and adults they will never meet,
• classes of high school students who are making hands for people in their local communities,
• hundreds of Scout troops working together to assemble hands for children in underserved areas,
• a group of people that are risking their lives to get these devices to people in developing nations and
• new stories every day of parents working with their children to make a hand together.

For a small contribution, businesses will reward you with cool, fun products and services. Please join us in “lending a helping hand”!

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Donations will go to FabLab Hub


I think this is an amazing cause! Good luck with your efforts!!!

by Leo

I think this is a great project worth checking out!

by Keith Dinwiddie

I fully support @enablethefuture! Glad to see they are "Giving the World a Helping Hand" through their 3D printed prosthetics!

by John Wong

Right on!

by Jon Curtiss

This is the best cause in the galaxy!

by madeline johnson

oh my god ! this is so futuristically amazing and life changing ! definitely important ! sincerely, cindy person

by cynthia person

Use technology to dramatically improve people's lives.

by Juan Tejada

3D printing for good!

by Lindsay

great cause!

by Maureen Mansfield, ALM

Umm... making "Hands," affordably (or free), for Kids that need them... seriously, what is not to love about that?

by Greg Hardy

As a professor who teaches studies on Special Needs Requirements - how could I not support this? Also, I just learned the lady who is doing this invented Lasik? Or, something? Too crazy cool.

by Mary Geisser

Kids needs hands to make art.

by Mary Geisser

Fantastic application of 3D printing!

by Yanina Wolfe

Have seen and experienced the end results of this merging of accessible technology and kids in the real world. The possibilities are really exciting and paradigm shifting.

by Eric Portnoy


by Mykael Goff

This awesome!

by Roberto Maldonado

This is an amazing cause!

by Leo

I think this cause is awesome!!!!

by a community member

Prosthetics are crazy expensive and it helps students utilize new technology to build life-changing tools instead of other things like video game consoles and trash that will be tossed or on a shelf in a year

by Myranda N McLelland


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