What is Social Seam?

Social Seam provides a simple, comfortable platform that makes it easy for fund-raisers, business owners, nonprofits, and donors to work together to solve problems and build a stronger, healthier community.

With Social Seam, everyone gets to pitch in and help.

Meet the Team

  • Jason Leo Baguio

    Jason Leo Baguio

    Founder, President & CEO

  • Edward DeGuia

    Edgar DeGuia

    Founder, Treasurer & CFO

  • Daniel Guettler

    Daniel Guettler

    Founder, Lead Developer & CTO

  • Robert Maldonado

    Robert Maldonado

    Founder & Secretary

  • Olga Stroilova

    Olga Stroilova

    Founder & Our Trade Secret

  • Eric Portnoy

    Eric Portnoy

    Community Outreach & Investor

  • Katherine Abuhadal

    Katherine Abu Hadal


  • Alix Marson

    Alix Marson

    Graphic Designer